We clean, protect and preserve the roof over your head

Consider a professional roof cleaning if any of the following aspects apply:

  • severe amounts of moss, algae and/or lichen have settled on your roof tiles and have a visible impact on the appearance of your roof.

  • you are looking to sell your property (or increase its value)

  • you struggle with leaks (a carpet of moss can cause missing or broken tiles to be overseen)


Why is moss bad for the roof ?

As the moss thickens and grows on a clay or concrete roof tile it can raise the tile up. The raised roof tiles also pose problems when heavy winds are present because they will catch the wind like a sail and this can cause tiles to be torn/blown off the roof. A moss buildup on the roof causes more debris to get trapped on the roof. This debris promotes water buildup which puts the roof at risk of much more rotting and leaking. Moss can actually damage the roof tile leading it to break down faster.

There are many different species of moss. Some common characteristics among these species are that moss does not have flowers or seeds, instead they must have a damp environment to grow in because they do not have any root system to secure water and they are usually extremely green with tiny leafs.


  • Never point the pressure washer upwards, that way we prevent any water from getting underneath your roof tiles

  • Never leave the job without having made sure its absolutely spotless

  • We will never hide facts regarding the state of your roof from you. We can be held accountable with our included 3 year service guarantee


  • We will hand you feedback cards to review us on Checkatrade

  • We will be reliable and trustworthy and always keep you informed about unforeseeable changes

  • We will always clean after ourselves, sheet up cars, fences, etc.

  • At the end of roof works you will receive a 3 years Roof Labour Service Warranty

A Roof Restoration is an important and affordable investment in the most valuable asset of your home and first frontier against all weather influences. Don't give moss and algae time to penetrate your roof tiles further. After having removed all the moss of your roof, we proceed by repointing, replacing broken or loose roof-tiles and finally sealing the roof with a water repellent tile impregnator in order to prevent the growth of moss and other vegetation for years to come.

Roof Restoration prices vary depending on the size and complexities of the job. 

If you want to get the longest lifespan for your roof and avoid costly roof repairs and replacement give us a call.

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